For VPN Setup on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch,

All versions of iOS

Just watch the Video Tutorial below.


Or Follow our step by step

guide below.


Select the System Setting Icon



Select General, Then Select VPN



Now select Add a VPN Configuration


Now Tap on VPN Type


Choose L2PT Then tap on Back


When you sign up we send you all the details required below in a

Welcome Email. Type them carefully as they are CASE sensitive

RSA SecurID should be in the OFF position

Send all traffic in the ON position

Proxy selected as OFF

As shown below

Then Tap Done


You will now see a VPN icon has appeared in your main setting,

you can connect and disconnect from here.

Or from the Status Tab in VPN


Once Connected you will see the small VPN icon in your top menu bar.

So you can see from all apps when the VPN is connected


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