Lamnia VPN, your 1st choice for VPN.Over 12 years Global experience.

For: Security, Anonymity, Secure Video Calling or just to unblock your favourite sites. We can provide instant or bespoke VPN solutions.

About Us

We have been providing the latest VPN technologies, dynamic, dedicated, open vpn and vpn router solutions. To individuals and small businesses for over 12 years....

Founded by a group of IT professional expats living in France. Lamnia VPN is now permanently based in the UK. Although we have data centres in 8 different countries and a global support network our heart is in the United Kingdom.

Our experience over the years means we are able to offer bespoke VPN solutions whether that is for security, anonymity, secure video calling or to unblock geographical websites whether for your team or just for yourself.

We have 100% confidence in our service and we want you to have that before you purchase your VPN from Lamnia that is why all our VPN packages come with a 24 hour Free Trial.


That is what a VPN gives you. By routing your internet connection through our secure encrypted servers.

  • Your IP address and physical location are hidden.
  • Your data and connection are military strength encrypted.
  • Video calling including Zoom and Skype are military strength encrypted.
  • Geographically blocked sites in your location, are now unblocked by connecting in one of our locations.


This means when surfing the web, your identity is totally secured both electronic and physical locations. Combined with private browsing your internet connections and history are as they should be YOURS alone.

Even when using your home or office wifi your connection is not always secure. However when using a public hotspot in a hotel, bar, restaurant or airport. Your connection is totally UNSECURE. With a VPN connection your data is encrypted to prevent prying eyes and electronic ears from hacking YOUR information.

Do you get frustrated when your most important or favourite websites and services from home are blocked when you are abroad. When you connect to our location, you can use the web exactly as if from home.

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what we offer

The latest VPN technologies and hardware. Combined with 12 years industry experience and partnerships with the worlds leading Payment and hardware suppliers makes a Lamnia VPN your 1st Choice for VPN

Dynamic VPN

NOW WITH MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS. Connect 3 devices at once using a single VPN account .20 Locations, Thousand's of IP addresses. High speed connections. Try it for Free today.

Dedicated VPN

If you require a single, unique IP address. Encrypted to the highest levels, whilst still remaining high speed connections. Then check out our Free Trial of our Dedicated VPN service. Available in a choice of 8 Country Locations. Inc UK & USA

Open VPN

Secure connections in routed or bridged configurations It uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange. It is capable of traversing network address translators (NATs) and firewalls.

VPN Routers

Many devices, such as smart tv's and media players do not have a VPN configuration. However you can connect them to a VPN using our VPN Routers creating a VPN network with a single account for all your devices to connect to.

Free Trial

Want to check out our service. Check we can unblock the blocked website you need. Need to check out our speeds or compatibility with your network or device. Don't want to spend a penny to find out. No problem just use our Full Free Trial

UK Based Support

If you are new to VPN. We appreciate it can be a little confusing and setup may seem daunting. Add to that when support is using their second language it can be a hair pulling, computer throwing experience. That is why our support is UK based. Both online and email you will always communicate with the UK.

Secure Payments

We accept all major credit and debit cards through the World's biggest online payment processer Paypal. We are proud to say we have been a verified

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Merchant since 2008

Geographical Blocking

Websites or services that are blocked in your current location can be unblocked by connecting to our UK based servers.

Our Dynamic, Dedicated & Open VPN services are all available with a Full 24 hour Free Trial.

We have 100% Confidence in our VPN service and we want you to feel the same before you spend a Penny. So to test for 24 hours please enjoy the Free Trial.

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