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ONLY £49.99

this tiny little box is a real handful

The MikroTik mAP lite is the smallest Mikrotik wireless access point to date. It is barely larger than a matchbox and uses a special Ethernet port to match its slim profile. You can carry it anywhere: use it as a travel router to creat a UK WIFI  network to all your devices, or as a client device to improve your laptop signal range. The tiny form factor mAP lite can travel with you. The MikroTik mAP lite comes with a built-in magnet, so you can attach it to any ferrous surface, or, if those are not available, a metallic plate with an adhesive back is also included.

Perfect device to convert a smart TV to a UK smart TV. Or run a single Media Player as if in the UK

Dynamic VPN

Devoted VPN

Dedicated VPN

£9.99 per month £12.99 per month £15.99 per month
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  If you already have a Lamnia VPN Subscription you can purchase the Map Lite Router Here. Enter existing username in the window below to buy now  

What makes our VPN Router Solutions so unique

All our routers come preconfigured with the VPN of your choice.

That means there is no setup just ready to use straight out of the box.

Connect to your internet source, power on then you instantly have a VPN network.

Connect all your devices as simply as connecting to any wifi network.

Our configuration was developed in partnership with Mikrotik offering seemless functionality.