routerboad hap 952 mikrotik & Lamnia

ONLY £119.99

Connect Your whole Home as if in the UK

The Mikrotik hAP small home access point is the perfect device for homes or small offices where all you need is a wireless AP and a few wired devices connected. Based on the popular RB951-2n, the new hAP is an improvement in many areas. The device can be powered from the power jack or with passive PoE from a PoE injector. The hAP comes preconfigured, so all you need to do, is plug in the internet cable, the power, and start using the UK Wifi or LAN Network by connecting to the Lamnia Network.

The hap952 is a Dual-concurrent Access Point, that provides Wifi coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time.

Perfect device for a busy home or small business wishing to connect multiple devices over a large distance with high speed video streaming.

Dynamic VPN

Devoted VPN

Dedicated VPN

£9.99 per month £12.99 per month £15.99 per month
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  If you already have a Lamnia VPN Subscription you can purchase the hap952 RouterBoard Here. Enter existing username in the window below to buy now  

What makes our VPN Router Solutions so unique

All our routers come preconfigured with the VPN of your choice.

That means there is no setup just ready to use straight out of the box.

Connect to your internet source, power on then you instantly have a VPN network.

Connect all your devices as simply as connecting to any wifi network.

Our configuration was developed in partnership with Mikrotik offering seemless functionality.