What is the difference between VPN Types



Dynamic VPN

When you connect the VPN our server will give you Public IP address which will be automatically chosen from currently free IP addresses on that VPN server. This IP address is not shared and you can use it until you disconnect your VPN. Next time you connect the IP address may change to another one which is currently available.




Using the same technology and hardware as our Dynamic service. However these are unique servers away from our normal network. That are devoted to our customers using for HD Video Streaming. Carefully monitored to ensure optimum speeds and stability. If you are using the VPN router for multiple connections or for HD TV from a Smart TV or Media Player then this is the choice for you.



Dedicated (Static) VPN

We will give you dedicated IP which will be always static. Whenever you connect the VPN you will always get the same IP address. Dedicated IP can be useful if you need some of your computers to be accessible remotely. For example you can setup WEB, FTP, Remote Desktop server on your computer and you can  use the internet to access your computer remotely. It also enables an extra level of security for online banking and gaming sites who monitor IP changes at login. Our dedicated server network is our top range with latest hardware and maximum bandwidth for increased speeds and stability.

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What makes our VPN Router Solutions so unique

All our routers come preconfigured with the VPN of your choice.

That means there is no setup just ready to use straight out of the box.

Connect to your internet source, power on then you instantly have a VPN network.

Connect all your devices as simply as connecting to any wifi network.

Our configuration was developed in partnership with Mikrotik offering seemless functionality.