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Whatever your Media Player requirements and budgets we have the product to suit you. We deliver worldwide at only €14.95

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Mag 250

MAG250 contains a whole set of functions that are in high demand, such as playback of digital TV channels in high quality, streaming video support and video on demand.

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Mag 254 w1/w2

MAG 254 offers all of the Mag 250 with improved processor STiH207 and increased RAM memory. The MAG 254 also supports 3D-video. Versions w1 and w2 come with integrated AC Wi-Fi adapter

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Mag 256

MAG256/257 is a high-performance Set-Top Box solution with new STiH301 chipset. The STB is using HEVC technology for provision of high quality video with more velocity

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Mag 275

MAG275 hybrid Set-Top Box is a cross-functional solution for enabling both IPTV and Local services by aeriel .

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