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Hi, we hope you enjoyed reading some truly independent reviews about Lamnia from real people from credible websites that are using Lamnia.

If you are wondering why we dont include any VPN reviews sites. Simple we won't pay them to review our service.

If you have ever wondered why there are so many vpn review sites. Simple it is a very easy way to make money without actually providing anything.

Nearly all VPN review sites are on a commission. Receiving a payment for every customer they send to the VPN site......some of these commissions can be as high as 100% for the first sale!!!! If you link to a VPN provider from a review site you will usually see a link with a bit of code on the end, that is the tracking code for your sale.

Makes you wonder if with commissions that high if all the reviews are genuine. !!!

We have been providing VPN services since 2007, as you have seen from the reviews on the previous pages our service....simply does what it says on the tin! and if your wondering what our customer service is like, well find out for yourself, send us an email or click Chat With Us Button on the website and have a chat......... We are a friendly support team based in the UK and always willing to help and advise whether you are a customer or not.





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